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The World Is Tough - CD

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Released May - 2008

The Stumble’s first CD "The World is Tough" came out in 2006 and received rave reviews.

A must have CD for every blues lover, spectacular!
The Stumble’s album came to me today and I'm listening to it for the third time now, I can't have enough, as this is a fabulous CD. Their lead singer has a voice of a true blues singer mixed with a soul shouter of the highest class, truly spectacular. The same word, spectacular, goes with the rest of the band. The Stumble’s rhythm section is tight as hell and the interplay between tasty guitar and wailing sax is unbelievable. Also, the 100% live approach used during recording of the CD gave some great effects. "The World Is Tough" is one of the best blues albums I've heard in a long time. Not only that, it is a disc recorded by one of the best blues bands in the business. If you are a blues lover don’t hesitate, buy this disc and catch The Stumble live – you’ll be glad you did.

Przemek Draheim, Polish Blues & Gospel Radio Host,
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